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from Arnie

"If we could all share our hopes, out dreams, and our knowledge with each other. I think this world would be a better place to live in."

Arnie's letter

This is Arnie's letter to students. 

About Arnie


A man who can barely read and write rises from humble beginnings to become a well-respected and well-known advocate for literacy.

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Arnie's story

Arnie Stewart lived for most of his life without knowing how to read and write. His background of extreme poverty, sexual abuse and homelessness might have stopped most people but for Arnie it generated a will to survive and help others. By telling his story, Arnie hoped the system would change for the better but he needed help.

Always ask for help

The is a photo of Arnie with his school bell in Cobalt, Ontario. Arnie was proud to stand with his bell, "I'm at the front of the literacy ship."  This Arnie card helped thousands of students to ask for help. They are a symbol of hope and courage. Arnie’s last words to me, “Remind the kids to always ask for help and never to be afraid.”